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A survey carried out by ISPA has found that the Government must streamline its approach to cyber security to achieve its ambition of making the UK the safest place to be online.  In response to the survey, ISPA members voiced concerns over the risk of creating unnecessary complexity and duplication of reporting and responsibilities across regulatory bodies that the Government must address.

Respondents emphasised the important role the Government has to play in promoting good cyber security practice, setting minimum standards and raising awareness of new regulations.  Cyber threats are one of the most significant security challenges of our time, impacting governments, businesses and individuals as well as national infrastructure and the economy.

In the time elapsed since ISPA’s previous cyber security survey in 2016, ISP investment in cyber security has increased and looks set to continue on this trajectory, with 94% of respondents saying they are expecting to increase their investment in the next three years.

Launching the report and recommendations, ISPA Chair Andrew Glover said: “Despite increased awareness about the importance of cyber security, Government and law enforcement must turn their words into actions.  In order to ensure the UK has an effective cyber security regime, the Government should streamline the number of organisations involved in the cyber security landscape to minimise confusion.  This needs to be underpinned by clear minimum standards on cyber security, set by Government, and improved online cybercrime reporting processes.

The survey indicates that ISPs are working hard to provide a first line of defence for consumers, investing significantly in order a wide range of cyber security services to their customers.  This work must be supported by increased awareness of good practice amongst users and improved training for law enforcement officers to ensure that they are properly equipped to tackle cyber crime”.  To read ISPA’s press release and to access the ISPA Cyber Security Survey, click here.