Insights Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Europe publishes new “Guide to Attention in Digital Marketing”


IAB Europe says that “advertising is nothing without an attentive audience”. However, with consumers exposed to thousands of ads daily, securing attention is becoming increasingly difficult. To address this, IAB Europe has published a new Guide to Attention in Digital Marketing, which is an introduction to and overview of the topic that aims to spark wider industry debate around how attention measurement should develop over the next few years.

IAB Europe says that digital marketers face a perfect storm of challenges that threaten to disrupt existing advertising metrics, including audience fragmentation, the explosion of new creative models and the condemnation of third-party tracking cookies. Concurrently, the advertising industry is coming under pressure to adapt to more sustainable practices to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, many advertisers are looking for new attention measurement approaches to ensure better business outcomes and to reduce waste.

The Guide was written by 19 industry stakeholders from IAB Europe’s Brand Advertising Committee. To read IAB Europe’s press release in full and for a link to the new Guide, click here.