Insights Intellectual Property Office publishes strategy for 2024-2027


The Intellectual Property Office (“IPO”) has published its ‘IP for a Creative and Innovative: UK Strategy 2024 to 2027’. It identifies three ‘pillars’ that will underpin its work in the years ahead: (1) high quality, efficient, and accessible services; (2) policy that supports innovation and the economy; and (3) a high performing organisation, with skilled people connected by a shared purpose.

The IPO states that its services are “undergoing a transformation that will make working with IP easier for everyone”. Part of that transformation is the introduction of the so-called ‘One IPO Transformation programme’ which promises a new integrated system that will allow all registered IP rights to be managed in one place. This will be accompanied by improvements to the IPO’s customer service through the increased use of automation, self-service options, and a dedicated customer account. The new system will also mean that users will be better equipped to search and analyse data in one place which, in the view of the IPO, will allow them to “identify and exploit opportunities for innovation to help them grow their businesses”.

The IPO states that it will continue to develop and maintain guidance which reflects changes both domestically and internationally, with a particular focus on helping SMEs realise the value of their IP. It also commits to ensuring that existing domestic legislation adequately protects creators’ rights, advocating for change where this is not the case, and working with partners overseas to strengthen the protection and enforcement of IP rights.

To read the Strategy in full, click here.