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IFPI has announced that it has joined a broad coalition of major and independent labels, publishers, digital service providers and artist organisations in signing up to an industry “code of best practice”. The code aims to detect and prevent stream manipulation as well as mitigate its effects in the marketplace.

The code outlines guidelines for stopping inauthentic plays on streaming services that are designed to manufacture improved chart positioning, market share, royalty payments and more.

Commenting on the issue of stream manipulation, Frances Moore, IFPI CEO, said: “Stream manipulation can undermine the accuracy of charts and, ultimately, the accuracy of royalty payments from streaming services to music creators. Those who create music – from artists and songwriters to labels and publishers and beyond – must be remunerated fairly and accurately for their work and investment. Any stream manipulation undermining that fairness cannot be tolerated. We are committed to working with stakeholders across the broader music community to prevent stream manipulation.” To read IFPI’s announcement in full, click here.