Insights House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee launches inquiry into commercialising quantum technologies


The Commons Science and Technology Committee has announced a new inquiry on turning breakthroughs in quantum technology into commercial products that can benefit the UK’s society and economy. This follows the Government’s publication of its national quantum strategy.

The Committee explains that the unique behaviour of matter and light at atomic and subatomic level can be exploited to create computers that can tackle calculations that would take conventional computers millions of years. Such computers would break current encryption protocols, raising concerns around data security. Other applications of quantum mechanics include imaging around corners and in the dark, super precise clocks, and enhanced communications systems.

The inquiry will focus on how the UK’s quantum industry and prospects compare to other nations with strengths in quantum, such as the US and China, as well as the implications for national security.

The Committee has issued a call for evidence seeking information on whether the Government’s ten-year vision and £2.5 billion programme for quantum is fit for purpose, as well as on what further support the sector needs to commercialise quantum technologies. The Committee welcomes submissions by 28 April 2023 addressing any or all the following topics:

  • recent progress made on quantum technologies and their potential impact on society or the economy, in areas including, but not limited to:
    • critical national infrastructure;
    • national security;
    • health;
    • position, navigation and timing;
    • communications; and
    • engineering;
  • the strengths and weaknesses UK National Quantum Technologies Programme and how this has shaped the UK quantum industry;
  • what the prospects of the UK’s quantum industry are and how these compare to other nations with strengths in quantum;
  • interventions that are required from Government, industry and academia to drive the commercialisation of quantum technologies; and
  • whether the vision and actions set out in the Government’s new national quantum strategy are fit for purpose.

To read the Committee’s news release in full and for a link to the call for evidence, click here.