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With digital trade increasing significantly due to the global coronavirus pandemic, the Committee has launched an inquiry to attempt to understand the opportunities created by digital trade for UK businesses and how the UK should approach the issues of security and privacy of data in its future trade negotiations.

The Committee welcomes written evidence on the following questions:

  • What are the main barriers faced by UK businesses engaging in digital trade?
  • What opportunities does digital trade present for UK businesses?
  • How does the regulation of digital trade impact consumers?
  • What approach(es) should the UK take to negotiating digital and data provisions, including those concerning the free flow of data, protection for personal data, net neutrality, data localisation, and intellectual property, in its future trade agreements?
  • What does the UK-Japan Agreement indicate about the UK’s approach to digital trade and data provisions in future trade negotiations?
  • What approach should the UK take towards renewing the WTO’s moratorium on customs duties on electronic transmissions?
  • What objectives should the UK have when negotiating digital and data provisions during its accession to the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP)?
  • Will the global increase in digital trade affect the environment in a positive or negative way? What steps can be taken to mitigate any negative environmental impacts of increased digital trade?
  • What domestic and international law is relevant to the Government’s approach to digital trade?

The Committee is asking for initial written evidence to be submitted through the Committee’s web portal by midnight on 12 February 2021. To access the inquiry pages and for information on how to submit written evidence, click here.