HomeInsightsHouse of Commons Committee on the Future Relationship with the European Union launches overarching inquiry on all aspects of negotiations between the UK and EU

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The Committee welcomes written evidence submissions to its inquiry, particularly those that address the following questions:

  • What are the priorities for the UK, and for the EU, in the negotiations on the future relationship? How should the interests of different sectors of the economy and parts of the UK be balanced?
  • How will the implementation of the Withdrawal Agreement interact with the negotiations on the future relationship? What is the role of the Joint Committee, and what other mechanisms will be available for the UK and EU to resolve disagreements?
  • How prepared is the UK Government to negotiate and implement the future relationship with the EU, including in the event a free trade agreement is not secured? Which aspects of the future relationship could be negotiated after the transition period?
  • How effectively is the Government consulting with businesses, stakeholders, and the devolved institutions, to inform the UK negotiating position?

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