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The guidance relates to Part 3, Chapter 5 of the Consumer Rights Act 2015. It is for any business that resells event tickets using an online platform, as well as all online platforms themselves (including social media) through which tickets can be resold. These measures relate to the online secondary ticketing marketplaces where tickets for sporting, recreational and cultural events are resold. It sets out:

  • details of information to be provided when a ticket is offered for resale;
  • certain protections that will apply to the resale of tickets;
  • the duty to report criminal activity; and
  • the requirement for a review to be established to consider the consumer protection measures in relation to the secondary ticketing market.

The scope of these measures is set by the definitions in s 95 of the Act “Interpretation of this Chapter” and apply to all events in the UK. The information requirements set out in s 90 apply whenever a ticket is resold using a secondary ticketing facility that offers its services to buyers in the UK. This includes both ordinary consumers selling on a ticket they no longer want and traders who operate as more frequent resellers of tickets. Similarly, the prohibitions set out in s 91 apply to all organisers of events taking place in the UK. Section 92 requires operators of “secondary ticketing facilities” available to users in the UK to report criminal activity where they become aware of it to the police and event organisers. To access the guidance, click here.