Insights Government publishes mission statement on UK’s approach to adequacy assessments and international data transfers


The Government’s mission statement sets out the UK approach to adequacy assessments and international data transfers, along with the UK manual for undertaking assessments, guidance for the UK manual for undertaking assessments and a map illustrating priority countries.

The Government says that having left the EU, there is a great opportunity for the UK to make use of its independent powers. The Government believes it can unlock more trade and innovation by reducing unnecessary barriers and burdens on international data transfers, thereby opening up global markets to UK businesses.

The Government says that is committed to championing international flows of data and will make full use of its new powers, working globally to strike data adequacy agreements with other countries, to deliver innovative alternative mechanisms and remove unjustified barriers to international data transfers.

The Government has also outlined the first territories with which it will prioritise striking data adequacy partnerships now the UK has left the EU, as the United States, Australia, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, the Dubai International Finance Centre and Colombia.

The Government has also confirmed that future partnerships with India, Brazil, Kenya and Indonesia are being prioritised.

The aim is to develop global partnerships which will make it easier for UK organisations to exchange data with important markets and fast-growing economies. These new partnerships will build on the existing 42 adequacy arrangements the UK has in place with countries around the world. To read the Government’s mission statement in full, click here. To read the Government’s press release in full, click here.