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The Government is undertaking a survey of UK businesses, educational institutions and charities to find out how they approach cyber security and to learn more about the cyber security issues they face.  Ipsos MORI has been commissioned to carry out the survey fieldwork. This is taking place by telephone from October 2020 to February 2021.

During this period some organisations will be called by an Ipsos MORI interviewer from their Edinburgh office (their number will be 0131 561 4532) inviting them to take part. Organisations may also receive an email to let them know that Ipsos MORI has called and inviting them to reply.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, with increasing home working, video conferencing and business moving online, the Government says it is important Ipsos MORI speaks to as many organisations as possible, of all sizes and sectors. Ipsos MORI is inviting the senior person with the most knowledge or responsibility when it comes to cyber security to take part. In some organisations this might be a specific individual or head of department, while in other organisations it might be the business owner or one of the charity trustees.

Participation will involve a telephone interview with an interviewer from Ipsos MORI. On average interviews last around 20 minutes, though the actual interview length may vary depending on the answers given. For further information, click here.