Insights European Commission launches public consultation on implementation of the Digital Markets Act


The Digital Markets Act (DMA) entered into force on 1 November 2022 and will start applying on 2 May 2023. It empowers the Commission to adopt procedural rules in relation to the enforcement of the DMA.

The Commission is now seeking feedback on the draft implementing regulation, which details the procedural aspects related to the enforcement of the DMA, such as the right for parties to be heard and to access the file, as well as what will be included in notification forms, amongst other things. It aims to ensure effective proceedings, as well as provide legal certainty on procedural rights and obligations to the companies concerned, including those who will be designated as gatekeepers.

All interested parties must submit their views on the draft by 9 January 2023. For a link to the Commission’s Have Your Say Portal, where responses can be submitted, click here.