Esports betting company Ukikrn has gambling licence approved

ProSports Media reports that esports betting company Unikrn has had its gambling licence approved by the Isle of Man.

ProSports Media says that Unikrn, which is the first betting firm globally built entirely on blockchain, immediately started rolling out online products to 20 countries in the wake of the ruling, and will soon offer esports gambling to most of Europe, South Korea and other Asian countries, and parts of Latin America. Certain types of esports gambling will also be made available in the US, although spectator betting will not yet be permitted.

Unikrn had previously only been licensed to provide real-money esports betting in the UK and Australia.

Unikrn users in countries with legalised sports betting will be able to place bets on major esports competitions, such as the upcoming League of Legends World Championship. More uniquely, and unlike traditional sportsbooks, the platform will offer skill-based bets, allowing gamers to bet on their own performance in games like Fortnite. To read ProSports Media’s article in full, click here.