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On 27 January 2022, Ofcom, the ICO and the FCA held an E2EE roundtable. The event brought together voices from the digital technology industry, academia, civil society and the legal profession to help guide future joint regulatory work. The objectives were to understand: (i) the benefits and risks of E2EE for online services and their users; and (ii) its implications for digital regulation.

The report published on 28 July 2022 provides a summary of the discussions held during the roundtable. It does not set out regulatory policy proposals but aims to capture the views expressed by participants.

The following key themes were discussed:

  • the importance of establishing common terminology regarding E2EE for DRCF member regulators;
  • the need to avoid a “one size fits all” approach to countering illegal activity on E2EE services;
  • the importance of considering a broad range of measures to address concerns about safety in E2EE environments, not just technological remedies;
  • the benefits of regulators providing industry with more clarity about their expectations (e.g., about privacy, safety and security);
  • the need for engagement with the public on technological measures intended to counter threats on E2EE services;
  • the importance of a principles-based, outcomes-focussed regulatory approach; and
  • the need to foster innovation to tackle the threats and harms found on E2EE services.

To read the full report, click here.