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Europe’s leading newspaper and magazine publishers’ associations, EMMA, ENPA, EPC and NME, have welcomed the proposal by the European Commission to recognise publishers as rights holders in EU copyright law.

The introduction of a publisher’s right at EU-level is a necessary and historically important step in guaranteeing media pluralism as an essential basis for freedom of opinion and democracy in the digital world”, declared the publishers’ organisations.  The Commission’s proposal takes into account the unsatisfactory situation whereby the high-quality content produced by press publishers contributes to the success of many online platforms that do not make a significant contribution to the content, while publishers do not benefit from an appropriate share of the value produced, the group said.

The Commission is correct in its assessment that, without adequate legal protection at EU level, the sustainability of publishing industries may be at stake with the risk of further negative consequences on media pluralism, democratic debate and quality of information, the group said.  To read the group’s press release in full, click here.