HomeInsightsCompetition and Markets Authority secures court order against viagogo for breach of consumer protection laws

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In August 2018, the CMA launched legal proceedings against viagogo over concerns that the resale ticketing site was breaking consumer protection law.

Viagogo subsequently agreed to address all of the CMA’s concerns, without the need for a trial, and the court issued a legally binding and enforceable order ordering viagogo to comply with the law by:

  • telling purchasers of tickets if there is a risk that they will be turned away at the door;
  • informing customers which seat in the venue they will get;
  • providing information about who is selling the ticket, so people can benefit from enhanced legal rights when buying from a business;
  • not giving misleading information about the availability and popularity of tickets, which had the potential to lead to customers being rushed into making a buying decision or making the wrong choice;
  • making it easy for people to get their money back under viagogo’s guarantee when things go wrong; and
  • preventing the sale of tickets that a seller does not own and may not be able to supply.

It will also ensure that viagogo does not repeat historic failures to make its customers aware of the face value of tickets on sale through its site.

Viagogo has agreed to a comprehensive overhaul of its site to ensure it respects the law, in line with other resale sites who have already signed commitments to improve the information they offer and give people a fair deal. The deadline for compliance is mid-January 2019. To read the CMA’s announcement in full, click here.