Competition and Markets Authority announces pledge from Facebook and eBay to combat trading in fake reviews

In June 2019, the CMA launched a programme of work aimed at tackling fake and misleading online reviews.

The CMA wrote to Facebook and eBay urging them to conduct an urgent review of their sites to prevent fake and misleading online reviews from being bought and sold.

The CMA says that in response to its concerns, Facebook and eBay have now taken action to tackle the trade of fake and misleading reviews on their websites.

The websites:

  • promptly took down the content that the CMA had identified and brought to their attention;
  • removed similar content that they identified themselves; and
  • agreed to put measures in place that will help prevent this content from appearing on their websites in the future.

The CMA says that it has also recently brought to Facebook’s attention examples of fake and misleading reviews being offered for sale on Instagram (operated by Facebook). Facebook has committed to investigate the issue. The CMA says it will be seeking a commitment from Facebook to take action to tackle these further issues. To read the CMA’s press release, click here.