HomeInsightsCity of London Police’s Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) takes down over 31,000 sites in international Europol operation

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Last week Europol revealed that its Intellectual Property Crime Coordinated Coalition (IPC3) has seized over 33,600 domain names distributing counterfeit and pirated items online, as part of its Operation In Our Sites.

This year, PIPCU suspended over 31,000 sites as part of this Operation.

PIPCU takes part in the international operation, which involves law enforcement authorities from 26 countries and is facilitated by Interpol.

Detective Inspector Nick Court of PIPCU said:

We are incredibly proud of PIPCU’s Operation Ashiko which has suspended over 31,000 of the total sites taken down under Operation In Our Sites. Ashiko has gone from strength to strength. It is at the forefront of the UK law enforcement suspension of counterfeit websites that pose a risk to the public.

“It is conducted in partnership with .UK domain registry Nominet, which targets the sale of counterfeit goods online and aims to seize the domains of infringers.

“We work in partnership with agencies inside and outside the UK to make the internet a safer place to shop”. To read PIPCU’s press release in full, click here.