Insights Building Digital UK launches Open Market Review request for information from broadband network providers operating in intervention areas identified in Phase 1b of Project Gigabit

Further to the launch of Project Gigabit by the Government (see items above), Building Digital UK has launched an Open Market Review (OMR) to identify potential areas for government intervention to support gigabit capable broadband. Building Digital UK is running this OMR Request for Information (RFI) to confirm where gigabit capable broadband infrastructure currently exists or is planned to be built in the next three years across the geographical areas outlined below.

The goal is to ensure that Building Digital UK targets the parts of the country that would legitimately benefit from government support first. The idea is that, by responding to the RIF, broadband providers will help Building Digital UK to maximise the use of public subsidy to provide ever faster, better connectivity across all parts of the UK, helping Building Digital UK to identify areas which will be left out because they are not commercially viable, thereby bringing significant benefits to the UK economy.

Building Digital UK encourages broadband providers that have existing coverage or plan to build infrastructure within the next three years in the areas identified below to respond to this OMR.

These areas include:

  • West of Cornwall and Isles of Scilly (Lot 32);
  • East of Cornwall (Lot 33);
  • Norfolk (Lot 7);
  • Shropshire (Lot 25);
  • Suffolk (Lot 2);
  • Worcestershire (Lot 24); and
  • Hampshire and Isle of Wight (Lot 27).

The closing date for responses is 22 April 2021 by 5pm. To access the OMR, click here.