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According to a new report from the BPI, nearly two-thirds of the past year’s most successful UK albums came from domestic artists who either grew up or formed their bands in the nations and regions outside of London, with the North West leading the way.

Artists in the nations and regions outside London made up 62% of the chart overall, according to the Official Charts Company data used for the report, underlining how vibrant music is nationwide.

The BPI says that the results highlight the extent to which diverse new talent, with record label backing, is emerging and succeeding across all parts of the UK, including the North and North East. If the largely London/cities-based genre of rap and grime is removed, the contribution by artists from the rest of the UK is even more pronounced, with the share of music they generate rising to 74%. Nearly four-fifths of rock albums on the chart (79%) were by artists not from London. For further analysis of the report, click here.