Insights Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications publishes report on the diversification of the 5G ecosystem


In December 2020, BEREC published a 5G strategy plotting 5G related developments within the expected time scale with the aim of helping National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) prioritise the regulatory aspects that might need attention.

The 5G strategy identified several themes that BEREC and NRAs might need to investigate in more detail in the coming years in order to address 5G related developments. The themes included: (i) convergence; (ii) EMF; (iii) end-users; (iv) interoperability; (v) new business models and value chains; (vi) numbering; (vii) privacy; (viii) quality of service; (ix) roaming; (x) roll-out; (xi) security; (xii) state aid; and (xiii) sustainability.

Following publication of the strategy, BEREC carried out a survey to determine from past and on-going 5G trials and pilots, which of the themes might need further consideration. This survey also considered the fact that BEREC’s Work Programme for 2021 included further exploration of some the topics listed in the 5G strategy such as EMF, sustainability and security.

The survey was completed by BEREC’s members and participants who also consulted with those national stakeholders participating in 5G trials and pilots. Following analysis of the information submitted, the fifth theme, “new business models and value chains”, was identified as the topic that warranted further exploration. BEREC was also seeking to determine the anticipated pace of innovation.

BEREC organised a public online workshop on 5G, which consisted of two panel discussions on: (i) new business models and value chains, which brought together stakeholders representing some of the key players which will form part of the 5G ecosystem and who are experts in the possible diversification that 5G may enable; and (ii) the anticipated pace of innovation, which delved into some of the 5G pilots and trials to address the question of when we should expect 5G to be launched commercially.

A number of sub-themes related to new business models and value chains were identified. This report on the diversification of 5G ecosystems takes a deeper dive into the following:

  • new business opportunities;
  • the creation of new wholesale markets;
  • private/local networks; and
  • network slicing and 5G wholesale markets.

The aim of the report is to highlight key remarks from the speakers on each sub-theme that may impact BEREC’s future work on the widespread adoption of 5G. The report also seeks to provide BEREC’s preliminary perspective on how BEREC’s future work may be impacted by the anticipated changes and the anticipated pace of innovation. To access the report, click here.