HomeInsightsBody of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) publishes draft Report on the impact of 5G on regulation and the role of regulation in enabling the 5G ecosystem

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The draft Report was published for consultation during BEREC’s 43rd ordinary meeting on 16 June 2020.

BEREC explains that many aspects of regulation are involved in the 5G ecosystem. How these are addressed could be critical to the pace at which innovative services are brought to market. BEREC says that its draft Report should help National Regulatory Authorities to anticipate the issues involved and to support the pace of innovation.

The Report poses a range of questions, such as how services might be rolled out, how markets might develop, and how any of these might raise new regulatory challenges for NRAs. BEREC explains that “new regulatory challenges” does not necessarily mean more regulation per se, but could mean more proportionate or less regulation, depending on the issue concerned.

The consultation closes on 31 July 2020. To access the Report and consultation, click here.