HomeInsightsBody of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) publishes draft report on internet ecosystem for consultation

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The draft report aims to understand how users’ internet experience is affected by the different elements of the internet ecosystem and how interactions among them may have an impact on regulatory intervention by BEREC and/or National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs).

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of various elements of the internet ecosystem – including electronic communication services and networks – as well as other elements used to access, distribute and share content and applications online, such as devices, operating systems, app stores, browsers and cloud services, among others.

The report highlights how the user’s internet experience is affected by many different elements that are largely dominated by the big tech companies (e.g., operating systems, app stores, etc.). A small number of digital platforms have now reached a position that allows them to shape and restrict both competition and the openness under which content, services and information can be accessed and shared.

BEREC notes that most of these elements are not directly within BEREC members’ regulatory realm but can have an impact on telecommunication services and networks which are subject to monitoring and regulation by BEREC members.

The report is now open for consultation until 22 July 2022. The final report will feed into the current and future BEREC work on digital environments, including BEREC’s contribution to implementation of the Digital Markets Act. For access to the draft report and information on how to respond to the consultation, click here.