Insights Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) defines its vision for the regulatory environment by 2030


BEREC says that it aims to facilitate and foster open, secure, high-quality, competitive and sustainable digital ecosystems that will empower people and businesses in future societies by 2030. BEREC’s Action Plan for 2030 sets out its vision for its continuous and future contribution to the regulatory environment of Europe 2030.

With the support of National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) and stakeholders’ input, BEREC says it is ready to shape the regulatory environment of Europe 2030 to ensure its fitness for the digital age in the global context. The BEREC 2030 project is based on five strategic objectives:

  1. fostering national and international connectivity to reach the objectives of the EU Commission’s Digital Decade by 2030;
  2. facilitating an open and sustainable internet ecosystem and supervising the evolution of the digital landscape;
  3. providing for the security and resilience of networks and services;
  4. contributing to the achievement of environmental sustainability goals; and
  5. strengthening BEREC’s agility, independence, inclusiveness and efficiency as a centre of expertise.

To access BEREC’s Action Plan 2030, click here.