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The draft report considers the potential of Satcom solutions to provide ubiquitous broadband connectivity for Universal Service.

BEREC explains that several geostationary (GSO) and non-geostationary (NGSO) satellite networks and systems are available, or will become available before 2025, to provide Satcom broadband services to end users that have the appropriate equipment.

The draft report sets out the following:

  • Chapter 1: relevant background, observing that Satcom solutions may contribute to Universal Service;
  • Chapter 2: an overview of Satcom solutions and key aspects such as pricing, service quality, expected role in the market, available satellite capacity and demand, as well as important regulatory considerations;
  • Chapter 3: an overview of the results of a questionnaire addressed to all BEREC Members and Participants without voting rights and information on how Satcom solutions for Universal Service are considered in some European countries; and
  • Chapter 4: BEREC’s preliminary position, which is that there are several regulatory issues with a national dimension, which supports a case-by-case approach to Satcom solutions for Universal Service.

BEREC would welcome stakeholders’ views in relation to any of the material presented in the report, as well as any feedback on any other relevant considerations/emerging issues. The final report is intended to give interested parties a brief overview of the current thinking in BEREC on the use of Satcom for Universal Service.

The consultation closes on 15 August 2022. For information on how to respond to the consultation and a link to the draft report, click here.