Insights ASA censures bet-at-home tweet for linking gambling and sexual success.

A tweet by BetPromotions4U on 26 November 2015 stated “It’s your lucky day! [link] #betting #europaleague #liverpool #klopp” and featured a close-up photo of a woman pulling her trousers down.  Text on her underwear read “IF YOU CAN READ THIS IT’S YOUR LUCKY DAY”.

bet-at-home, who are based in Malta, said that the ad was geo-targeted and not intended for a UK audience.  The ASA disagreed and said that the tweet was targeted at UK consumers, amongst other European football fans.  In particular, the ASA noted that it was in English, referenced an English team and a match taking place in England and included tags that would be of interest to UK football fans.  The ad also did not feature anything to indicate it was not targeting UK consumers, such as referencing foreign currencies.

The ASA considered that including the image of a woman pulling her trousers down and the text on her underwear linked gambling with sexual success and therefore concluded that the ad breached CAP Code rules 16.1 and 16.3.8 (Gambling).  To read ASA Ruling on Internet Ltd (13 April 2016) click here.