Insights Ofcom publishes update to electromagnetic fields (EMF) licence condition guidance

Ofcom has published updated versions of our simplified guidance on the new EMF licence condition that will apply to spectrum licensees. It has also published an updated version of its EMF calculator.

In May 2021, Ofcom published its final decision to include this new condition in licences. The new condition aims to ensure spectrum licensees operate their equipment within international guidelines for EMF exposure. Ofcom also published the final version of its licence condition as well as detailed guidance on how licensees could ensure they complied with the new condition.

Ofcom has now published updated versions of the following simplified guidance documents, which provide step by step direction on how to check compliance with the new condition:

  • simplified guidance for all spectrum users;
  • additional guidance for ship radio licensees;
  • additional guidance for amateur radio users; and
  • additional guidance for aeronautical radio users.

To access the guidance an EMF calculator to check compliance, click here.