News Wiggin’s Breakfast Briefing – Employment Law update

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It’s not easy being an employer these days – just when you start to think that you’re beginning to get to grips with employment law, the courts come out with a new decision or the Government introduces new legislation which just makes things more complicated and confusing.

Although the pace of change has arguably slowed over the past couple of years, there have still been some important developments that employers need to know about – from new case law on holiday pay, disability discrimination and whistleblowing to new legislation on zero hours contracts, pensions auto-enrolment, the living wage and shared parental leave. And there’s plenty more coming down the tracks including the recent legislation on gender pay gap reporting, potential changes to the IR35 rules and the introduction of new rights for working grandparents.

If all that wasn’t enough, employers are now facing the possibility of having to grapple with the employment law implications of a Brexit. Marcus Rowland and Seth Roe discussed all this and more at our Breakfast Briefing, which was followed by a short Q & A session.

Event information:

Thursday 17th March 2016
08:15 arrival
08:45 start

The Met Building
22 Percy Street