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3 May 2024 Gambling Commission holds firm on Direct Marketing Consultation
1 May 2024 White Paper: New rule changes to be introduced in stages
12 April 2024 Reflections on the Gambling Commission’s three-year strategy 2024-2027
23 February 2024 Maximum stake limits to be introduced for online slots
21 December 2023 DCMS Select Committee issues its recommendations for gambling reform
19 December 2023 Gambling Commission Consultation on Financial Key Event Reporting – One step forward and…
18 December 2023 Gambling Commission Consultation on Financial Penalties– Is it “fine”?
29 November 2023 The Commission commences a further round of consultations designed “to make gambling safer”
17 November 2023 White Paper Consultations – Part Two
17 October 2023 Consultation on the statutory levy for gambling operators
21 September 2023 What’s a job worth? – Obtaining occupation information from customers and the friction it causes
15 September 2023 Should operators opt-out of the Gambling Commissions proposals on Direct Marketing?
24 August 2023 Remote Customer Interaction Guidance – Take Two
18 August 2023 White Paper Consultations: Responsible Game Design
9 June 2023 Gambling Act White Paper: Advertising, Sponsorship and Branding
2 June 2023 The Gambling White Paper: Online Protections – where next for “affordability”?
17 May 2023 The Gambling White Paper: Product Restrictions – What’s the spin on the spins?
27 April 2023 Updating gambling regulation in Great Britain – the final furlong?