Ted Shapiro

Ted is a partner with over 25 years’ experience who heads Wiggin’s Brussels office. He is a recognised expert in international and European copyright law assisting clients on issues related to policy, litigation, compliance and commercial transactions. Current projects include managing a multi-jurisdictional litigation project for the publishing sector, Brexit scenario planning for companies in the audiovisual sector and advising clients on several audiovisual media service- and copyright- related aspects of the EU’s Digital Single Market initiative. Ted is experienced in managing campaigns to influence regulation as well as helping organisations and companies navigate the legislative and regulatory environment at the international, EU and Member State levels.

Ted joined Wiggin in January 2013 from the Motion Picture Association in Brussels, where he was the General Counsel for Europe. In 2011, Ted co-published a book on copyright law entitled ‘Copyright in the Information Society: A Guide to National Implementation of the European Directive’. An update of that book was published in March 2019. He has also written numerous articles on copyright issues including on recent judgments of the Court of Justice of the EU and is a frequent speaker at international conferences.

Ted is admitted to the bar of Massachusetts, the Brussels Bar and a solicitor in England and Wales.

  • Recent Experience

    • Advising several clients including an international media company, a major trade association and an independent producer/distributor on a range of issues related to copyright reform in the EU and the UK.
    • Advising an independent film production company on the sale of its ‘audiovisual secondary rights’ in the films in its famous library.
    • Advising a major trade association on US and EU compliance with the recently agreed WIPO  Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances.
    • Providing detailed advice on the recently adopted EU Collective Rights Management and its impact on non-EU entities for a trade association representing indie producers.
    • Advising a major studio on potential causes of action against unlicensed OTT services across the EU.
    • Advising a major studio on the jurisdictional issues related to sending takedown notices to websites hosting or providing links to infringing content.
    • Advising a major studio on its response to inquiries from the French technological measures authority, HADOPI.
    • Assisting a special effects studio resolve an issue related to state aid for a training programme.
    • Preparing a survey on the protection of broadcasters’ rights in 30 countries for a trade association representing broadcasters in North America.