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Jack Kennedy


Jack is an associate in the litigation group.

“Clients expect us to know about their business, their commercial pressures, the context in which any dispute (actual or potential) takes place. More than anything, though, they expect us to know the law. For all the strategic advice, tactical gambits and commercial acumen that a litigator must employ, it is so often a deep knowledge of the law (and an ability to understand and apply it) that ensures that a client never has to step into a court room, or, if they do, can walk out of one victorious.

I relish the opportunity to untangle the most challenging of legal problems for our clients, all the way from advising at the early stage of endeavours to ensure they can succeed without disruption, to resolving seemingly intractable solutions inside or (preferably) outside the court.

I have advised a wide range of clients including broadcasters, production companies, publishers, authors, and tech companies in everything from pre-publication risks, copyright, defamation, and contractual disputes.”

Jack holds degrees in law from both Oxford University and the University of California, Los Angeles, where he was awarded the Dean’s Fellowship, focussing particularly on freedom of expression and the First Amendment.

Having joined Wiggin just before he was due to begin pupillage, Jack has managed to continue his advocacy by appearing on behalf of clients in hearings as a qualified Solicitor Advocate.