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The Wiggin culture is unique among law firms – both in what we expect from our people and the way we define our value in the media industry.  We’re not for everyone. We empower people early, expect commitment and perfection and celebrate when we achieve it.

That isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. We also think of ourselves as more than just a law firm: we are deeply involved in the media, technology and Brands/IP landscapes, fascinated by the constant challenges they presents to us and our clients, and always on the look-out for new a opportunity. Our entrepreneurial spirit, excellent relationships with the media, technology and Brands/IP communities and unrivalled industry insight means we are able to offer much more than just legal services to our clients. If you want a regular law firm it’s not us. If you have excellent academics and an ability to think and communicate effectively, if you like meritocracy, a challenge and people who work and play hard, then we’d love to hear from you.