Video game industry establishes universal esports principles for fun and fair play

The video game industry, including representatives from across Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, have released a unifying set of principles for esports engagement. The industry says that these core principles were developed in a collaborative effort and form a set of values applicable in all aspects of the global esports environments: safety and well-being, integrity and fair play, respect and diversity, and positive and enriching game play.

The principles are:

  • Safety and Well-being: all esports community members deserve to participate in and enjoy esports in safe spaces and to be free from threats and acts of violence and from language or behaviour that makes people feel threatened or harassed;
  • Integrity and Fair Play: cheating, hacking, or otherwise engaging in disreputable, deceitful, or dishonest behaviour detracts from the experience of others, unfairly advantages teams and players, and tarnishes the legitimacy of esports;
  • Respect and Diversity: esports promotes a spirit of healthy competition. Whether in person or online, all members of the esports community should demonstrate respect and courtesy to others, including teammates, opponents, game officials, organizers, and spectators. Esports is truly global and brings together players from different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. We believe the broad and diverse player base of esports contributes to its success. We support an open, inclusive, and welcoming environment for all, no matter one’s gender identity, age, ability, race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation; and
  • Positive and Enriching Game Play: esports can help build self-confidence and sportsmanship and boost interpersonal communication and teamwork skills. Esports brings players and fans together to problem solve through strategic play, collaboration, and critical thinking. Participation in esports can also lead to the development of new and lasting friendships among teammates, competitors, and members of the broader esports community.

To read the announcement on ISFE’s website in full, click here.