Ukie reports on All-Party Parliamentary Group Video Games and esports roundtable at Westminster

On Tuesday 12 March 2019 the esports industry gathered in the Palace of Westminster for the All-Party Parliamentary Group Video Games and esports’ first event of 2019.

Ukie explain that esports is a fast growing and evolving industry, engaging millions across the globe in competitive play. With the industry expected to surpass US$2 billion revenue by 2020 it is crucial, Ukie says, that there is the “right political climate in the UK to ensure that this industry can grow to its fullest potential”. Following on from the success of the first Parliamentary esports event last year, engagement between those working in the sector and parliamentarians was “taken up a notch” in the form of an intimate roundtable.

Ukie reports that Ed Vaizey, who chaired the session, introduced leading esports processionals Rob Black (ESL) Niccolo Maisto (FACEIT) and Jonathan Tilbury (BenchMark Sports International) and asked them “thought-provoking questions” throughout the course of their presentations.

Given the level of detail requested of industry representatives on matters relating to venue capacity, funding and local support, Ukie says that “it is clear that UK parliamentarians have woken up to the potential for the growth of esports”. To read Ukie’s report in full, click here.