Insights Ukie reports on All-Party Parliamentary Group for Video Games and Esports first meeting of 2021


Ukie reports that the APPG for Video Games and Esports held its first meeting of 2021 on 14 April. The meeting consisted of both an Annual General Meeting to elect members old and new into the group, as well as a roundtable discussion on Ukie’s consumer valuation figures.

The APPG agreed for Alex Sobel MP to continue his role as Chair of the group, and Ukie will continue as Secretariat. The group also discussed which issues and topics they would like to cover over the coming year, which included the work the industry is undertaking to improve Electronic Data Interchange in the workforce.

Next, the meeting was opened to industry and wider parliament. Ukie provided an overview of the recently released UK consumer market valuation, which reached a record figure of £7 billion. It was also emphasised how UK-made games specifically had a relatively large market share, meaning that UK consumers were contributing to the growth of UK games companies.

Electronic Arts then spoke about the industry’s wider effort of ensuring player wellbeing in light of the numbers showing increased spending on games, including the industry’s Get, Set, Go campaign.

With reference to the market share held by UK-made games, the meeting then invited UK companies IntoGames, Creative Assembly, and Hypixel to discuss their experiences with jobs creation and growth over the past year.

Overall, Ukie says that the meeting provided insight into the economic, regional and cultural contributions of the UK games industry behind the consumer market valuation. To read Ukie’s press release in full, click here.