Insights TIGA summarises the policies relevant to the video game industry from the recently published Liberal Democrat and Labour 2019 Manifestos


The Liberal Democrats published their 2019 Manifesto on 20 November 2019.

As part of efforts to boost growth in the creative industries and train young people with the digital skills necessary, TIGA notes that the Liberal Democrat party has included the following pledges:

  • a £10,000 grant for every adult in England to put towards education and training. The Lib Dems believe this will equip the next generation with the skills necessary to tackle a complex and technologically advanced world, as well as boosting the economy;
  • continuing support of the Creative Industries Council;
  • a major expansion of high-quality apprenticeships;

In an attempt to address the barriers to finance faced by small creative business, the Liberal Democrat party has proposed:

  • tailoring industry-specific tax support; and
  • reformation of the British Business Bank’s support for venture capital funds in order to support investment in new UK digital start-ups.

In order to tackle skills shortages within the industry, the Liberal Democratic party’s Manifesto includes:

  • the introduction of a new two-year visa for students to work after graduation

The Labour Party’s 2019 Manifesto outlines actions that it will take to encourage the growth of the digital and creative sector.

TIGA notes that with regards to digital, culture, media and sport, the Labour Party has pledged:

  • free full-fibre broadband to all by 2030;
  • nationalising the broadband-relevant part of BT;
  • enforcing a legal duty of care to protect children online;
  • consultations on ways to address the gender imbalance in the digital creative industries;
  • the introduction of an Arts Pupil Premium to every primary school in England;
  • a £160 million annual boost for schools to ensure creative and arts education is embedded in secondary education; and
  • the introduction of a new Gambling Act fit for the digital age.

On migration, the Labour Party’s policies include:

  • a work visa system that will allow sectors to fill any skill or labour shortages; and
  • scrapping the two-tier system within the 2014 Immigration Act.

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