Insights Scottish Government gives backing to national games strategy


The Scottish Government has given its backing to the creation of a national games strategy, making Scotland the first part of the UK to have a strategy in place supporting the games ecosystem. With the support of the Scottish Government’s TechScaler network (a network for kickstarting and scaling Scottish startups) and incubator CodeBase, the goal of the strategy will be to create a more successful games ecosystem in Scotland. According to the announcement, the games market is a significant contributor to the Scottish economy making games as large as areas such as fintech, data, cybersecurity and space. It also highlights that the transformative potential of tools, technologies and techniques from the games ecosystem are having a significant impact in sectors such as film and TV, healthcare, manufacturing, immersive technologies and the rise of the metaverse.

The Scottish Games Network will take lead in the creation of an “action plan” which will provide tangible, actionable recommendations to increase knowledge of and support for games. The organisation will reach out to participants across industry, education, the public sector and beyond to gather evidence to ensure the strategy is informed by and supports the whole games ecosystem. Dates for a series of workshops across Scotland and online will be announced soon.

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