HomeInsightsOfcom secures commitments from broadband providers to give all existing customers access to new customer prices when their contract expires


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Ofcom has been reviewing the pricing practices of broadband providers due to concerns that many customers, particularly those facing challenges, were not benefiting from the discounts available.

In September 2019, Ofcom secured commitments from BT, TalkTalk and Virgin Media to reduce prices automatically for vulnerable customers who are out of contract. Ofcom has now secured commitments from EE, Plusnet and Sky to do the same. EE, Plusnet, BT, Sky and TalkTalk have also all now decided to give all existing customers access to new customer prices.

In total, Ofcom estimates that the pricing changes made by providers since it opened its review could ultimately benefit all out-of-contract customers by over £270 million per year. This would address more than half of the nearly £500 million difference in what out-of-contract customers pay compared to average prices.

Following Ofcom’s review, all major providers have now offered protections for their vulnerable customers. Ofcom estimates this, and other pricing changes, could ultimately benefit around one million vulnerable out-of-contract customers by an average of around £70 each per year. To read Ofcom’s news release in full, click here.