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Ofcom has confirmed it is making minor changes only to the competition rules in the EPG Code.

On-screen guides, known as EPGs, help people plan their viewing and discover new programmes. The way an EPG is designed and the way viewers interact with it can have a significant influence on the programmes they choose to view. Ofcom’s EPG Code requires EPG providers to treat television channels and allocate slots in a fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory way. Ofcom is required, by law, to review this Code by 1 December 2020.

The review essentially found that the existing rules are working well. Ofcom has therefore proposed to make only minor amendments to them. Taking account of feedback to its consultation, which was launched in August and closed on 25 September 2020, Ofcom is now confirming these changes, namely to require that consultations conducted by EPG providers on their channel listings policies must be transparent and provide reasonable timeframes for parties to comment and implement any changes. Our revisions to the EPG Code apply with immediate effect. To read the statement in full, click here.