HomeInsightsOfcom publishes New Fairness Framework to help stamp out unfair practices


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Ofcom has published new guidelines for broadband, phone and pay-TV companies setting out how Ofcom plans to stamp out unfair practices.

Ofcom’s Fairness Framework is designed to explain to companies how it will consider whether their practices and the way they treat their customers is fair, and where the regulator may need to step in. The proposed framework aims to support companies in their work to improve customer service and put fairness at the heart of their business.

The framework is the latest step in Ofcom’s Fairness for Customers programme, which recently saw all of the UK’s biggest providers make a commitment to put fairness first and ensure their customers get a fair deal.

Ofcom has also published an update on the programme, summarising a range of recent actions to support customers.

Ofcom is inviting views on the draft framework, and all responses must be provided by 12 August 2019. To access the new framework, click here.