Ofcom publishes latest research on people’s access and response to news and information about Covid-19

The report summarises the findings from week 12 of the lockdown, including how people’s experiences and behaviour has changed from previous weeks.

In week 12:

  • almost nine in ten respondents are still accessing news about Covid-19 at least once a day;
  • fewer people are using social media as a source of information about coronavirus (38%), down from almost half (49%) in week one;
  • 30% of respondents now say they have come across false or misleading information about Covid-19 in the last week, down from a peak of 50% in weeks three and five;
  • theories linking Covid-19 to 5G technology remain the most common piece of misinformation respondents encounter. There has been a decrease in the proportion of respondents coming across misinformation relating to 5G technology, from 50% in week three to 22% in week 12; and
  • most respondents (79%) continue to think that the coronavirus crisis is showing some positive sides of society, with those aged over 65 most likely to agree (84%).

Ofcom’s next full report is due on 7 July 2020. To access the research, click here.