Insights Ofcom publishes independent report on “Trends and Dynamics in the Sports Broadcasting Sector”


The independent report by Ampere Analysis for Ofcom looks at developments in the sport media rights market.

Ofcom notes that how audiences watch sport is changing. To help Ofcom understand the potential implications of commercial and technological developments for audiences, it commissioned Ampere Analysis to take an in-depth look at the media rights market for sporting events.

The report draws on Ampere’s own data, as well as viewing trends, desk research and industry stakeholder interviews to offer insight in a range of areas including:

  • how media rights for sporting events are licensed;
  • the changing value of rights over the last decade; and
  • developing trends such as the growth of events shared between broadcasters and the increasing importance of rights to show clips and highlights online.

The report also considers the implications of these changes on the listed events regime administered by Ofcom. To access the research, click here.