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Ofcom has published its first Online Nation report, which is an in-depth study of how people use the internet. The report examines how people are served by internet content and services, and their attitudes towards being online.

The report finds that people’s online time is growing by around 7% annually. The average UK adult spent 3 hours 15 minutes per day online last year, a rise of 11 minutes since 2017.

Ofcom has also published a joint study by Ofcom and the Information Commissioner’s Office, which shows that internet users in the UK are increasingly worried about being online, with around four in every five harbouring concerns. The study also indicates that the proportion of adults concerned about using the internet has risen since 2018, from 59% to 78%. However, most adults (59%) agree that the benefits of going online outweigh the risks.

Ofcom has also published its latest research into Adults’ Media Use and Attitudes. This provides detailed insight into media use, attitudes and understanding among UK adults aged 16 and over. To read Ofcom’s news release, click here. To access the reports, click here.