Insights Ofcom publishes Call for Inputs in relation to improving its annual survey on Diversity in Broadcasting


Ofcom is inviting input and comment from broadcasters on how it might change the survey it sends to broadcasters about the diversity of their workforces, including how it can improve the breadth and quality of the data it collects each year.

Ofcom explains that it has a legal duty to promote equality of opportunity in broadcasters’ workforces. Since 2016, it has required TV, and subsequently radio, broadcasters to provide information about their equal opportunities policies and the diversity characteristics of their staff. Ofcom has also reported on the outcomes in detail.

Ofcom says that this five-year programme has led to greater transparency and accountability across the industry. Broadcasters now have a better understanding of who is working for them, and which specific areas need addressing. Ofcom says that its annual reports have shone a light on areas of underrepresentation in the industry and monitored broadcasters’ progress in improving representation through their diversity and inclusion work.

Ofcom believes that having employees who represent our society helps broadcasters to create innovative, imaginative and authentic TV and radio programmes that reflect the lives and experiences of their audiences. The Call for Inputs will help it to update its survey and review the suitability of the information it collects. Ofcom will publish the findings and set out its plans in the Autumn of 2022. To access Ofcom’s Call for Input, click here.