HomeInsightsOfcom publishes best practice guidance on treating vulnerable customers fairly


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Ofcom says that people suffering financial, health or emotional problems should be treated fairly and given the right support by phone, broadband and pay-TV providers. The new guidance sets out how phone, broadband and pay-TV companies should treat those who are struggling.

Ofcom says that the coronavirus pandemic has increased the potential for customers’ circumstances to change suddenly, and providers are already offering additional support to people who are struggling to pay their bills to help them to stay connected. However, Ofcom notes that anybody can face circumstances that make them vulnerable, either temporarily or permanently. These might include physical or mental health problems, debt or unemployment, bereavement or becoming a victim of crime.

Ofcom requires providers to have policies and procedures in place to make sure that vulnerable customers are fairly treated. The new guidance sets out the practical measures that providers could adopt, in light of these rules. To read Ofcom’s guidance in full, click here.