Insights Ofcom publishes its 2017/18 Annual Plan, outlining its priorities for the next financial year


Ofcom says that it wants to “make communications work for everyone”. It has three main goals to reach in order to achieve this: (i) to promote competition; (ii) to secure standards and improve quality; and (iii) to protect consumers from harm.

Major work in Ofcom’s 2017-18 work programme includes:

  • continuing to implement the conclusions from its Strategic Review of Digital Communications;
  • successfully integrating its new responsibilities for regulating the BBC; and
  • awarding further mobile spectrum (2.3GHz and 3.4GHz bands) to help meet the growing demand for mobile services.

Ofcom’s Annual Plan follows consultation with a wide range of stakeholders and consumers. To read Ofcom’s news release and for a link to the Annual Plan, click here.