HomeInsightsOfcom opens investigation into Sky’s compliance with end-of-contract notifications for pay-TV customers

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On 15 February 2020, Ofcom introduced new rules that require broadband, mobile, home phone and pay-TV companies to notify their customers when their minimum contract period is coming to an end. Specifically, the rules state that these notifications must be sent to customers of all public “electronic communications services” other than machine-to-machine transmission services.

Ofcom has now opened an investigation into whether Sky has complied with the requirement under Ofcom’s rules to issue end-of-contract notifications to pay-TV customers. Ofcom considers that as a provider of pay-TV services transmitted by a satellite network, Sky provides an “electronic communications service” and must therefore send end-of-contract notifications to its pay-TV customers. However, Sky does not consider that its standalone pay-TV services fall within the definition of an “electronic communications service” and therefore believes the obligation to send such notifications does not apply. Ofcom says that it will consider this issue as part of its investigation.

Ofcom says that it expects to provide an update on this case by the end of January 2021. For further information, click here.