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Ofcom has launched a new dedicated unit to strengthen the way it collects information from industry.

Ofcom says that the data it receives from its statutory information requests plays a vital role in informing the decisions it makes to support people and businesses. It also helps to shine a light on how the markets it regulates are evolving and any issues it may need to take action to address.

The wide range of work Ofcom is responsible for means companies can receive a number of information requests throughout the year. Ofcom says that it has considered industry feedback on this and has now launched the “Information Registry”, a dedicated team that will oversee a new streamlined process for the requests Ofcom sends to industry, focused initially on its consumer and competition work. Ofcom says that this will give companies a single point of contact for receiving and responding to requests, as well as managing any queries companies have relating to information requests.

Following a pause in March on sending new requests to allow companies to manage the emerging challenges presented by the Coronavirus, Ofcom is now starting to send information requests again as it continues its work programme for 2020/21. The new Information Registry will co-ordinate new requests. For further information, click here.