Insights Ofcom launches full competition assessment into BBC’s proposal to launch BBC Three as a TV channel


Ofcom’s job, as required by the Charter and Agreement, is to ensure that any change the BBC wishes to make to its publicly funded TV, radio and online services does not give it an unfair advantage over rival broadcasters.

Ofcom’s initial assessment of the proposed BBC Three TV channel has concluded that its relaunch would constitute a material change to the BBC’s UK public service activities. Given that the change also raises a number of potential competition issues, impacting several parties, Ofcom considers that a full BBC Competition Assessment (BCA) is necessary to allow further scrutiny of its plans.

Such BCA must be completed within six months. During this period, Ofcom will conduct a detailed analysis of the BBC’s proposal and consult on a provisional decision as to whether the BBC may proceed with the relaunch. To read Ofcom’s statement in full, click here.