Insights Ofcom consults on request from Channel 5 to change its news output


Ofcom is seeking views on a request by Channel 5 to change the conditions of its licence, allowing it to reduce the amount of news it shows at peak time.

Channel 5’s licence states that it must broadcast 280 hours of news per year, of which 120 must be broadcast between the peak time hours of 18.00 and 22.30.

Currently, Channel 5 broadcasts two 30-minute news shows at 17.00 and 18.30. Under the proposed change, this would be replaced with a single hour-long broadcast at 17.00. Short evening bulletins will remain. This means that, while the amount of news shown at peak time would be reduced, the overall amount of news broadcast by Channel 5 would remain the same.

Ofcom says that it is minded to accept Channel 5’s request but is first seeking views from interested or affected parties before making the final decision. Responses to the consultation must be submitted by 30 July 2021. To access the consultation, click here.