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Ofcom has published a consultation on continuing existing price protections for BT’s landline-only customers.

In April 2018, BT cut its monthly line rental for customers who have only a landline, without any broadband, from £18.99 to £11.99. This followed Ofcom’s review of this market, which found that landline-only customers had been getting poor value for money compared to those who buy bundles of landline, broadband and/or pay-TV services. BT also capped any subsequent overall increases to line rental and call charges to inflation for three years. This comes to an end at the end of March 2021 and BT has provided a new commitment to continue this protection for a further five years. Ofcom is proposing to accept this commitment.

The consultation closes on 21 January 2021 and Ofcom expects to publish its final decision in March 2021. To access the consultation, click here.